The School operates currently at Four Academic Levels:

  • Kindergarten     –   Classes Pre KG to UKG
  • Lower Primary  –    Grades I & II
  • Upper Primary   –    Grades III to V
  • Secondary       –    Grades VI to X
  • Senior Secondary – Grades XI and XII


The Kindergarten classes have a specifically designed curriculum appropriate to the age of the children. It focusses more on thinking skills and hands on activities.Lower Primary and Upper Primary follow the CBSE Curriculum with the aid of Chrysalis Books in addition to the teaching faculty initiatives. The Chrysalis Curriculum concentrates more on application oriented learning and hence everyday lessons are associated to what is called Learning Experiences where the child learns by gaining experience of the concept.

The Secondary and Senior Secondary Grades follow the CBSE Curriculum with the aid of selected CBSE publications and NCERT books. Practical learning is an integrated part of class activities for the secondary grades and hence innovation is an inseparable part of their learning.

Irrespective of the age level & curriculum, Skill oriented learning is the teaching methodology followed at all grades where teaching of all concepts & information is aimed at developing particular skills related to the age of the child. Field visits are an integral part of academic activities at all levels from PreKG to Secondary grades. All grades from I to XII follow the assessments as prescribed by CBSE. 

Each of the levels are monitored continuously with specifically assigned Academic Coordinators who ensure the planning and execution of all Academic activities