Club Activities

In order to ensure that children get exposed to right activities at the right age in the right format, we have the structured club activities for children from Grades IV –X as part of their regular period hours. This structure ensures that once in a week, the child gets to spend few period hours in club activities. We have two groups of Clubs operating at SCS, where each child from Grade IV – X needs to be a part of one club in each group. Group I & Group II activities alternate with each other every week.

The list of Active Clubs in SCS are: Group 1 – Quiz Club, Leadership & Life skills club, Dramatics Club, Heritage Club, Computer Skills & Tools Club.  Group 2 – English Literary association, Tamil & Hindi Literary association, Maths association, Science association & Ecological association. The clubs have been actively functioning all through the year with elected secretaries and teachers in charge who maintain the book of notes for each club. The clubs have been actively contributing to various events at SCS.

We also have a completely active Interact Club in view of public service in the lines of Rotary International.