We at Subbiah firmly believe in Albert Einsten’s words, “Education is training the mind to think” and hence we use internal competitions as a strong tool to train the child’s mind to think

The objectives of Competitions at SCS are to

  • Give maximum possible exposure to various activities
  • Introduce the spirit of participation
  • Cope with winning and losing as integral parts of life

We ensure that irrespective of winning and losing, the child gets an opportunity to participate in a lot of activities which indirectly might kindle interest in children to develop focused hobbies. Hence we have a clearly planned competition structure which ensures that children have a vast basket to choose from. Through the success of this structure Subbiah Central School happens to be the School in town with the maximum internal competition activities.

All competitions are conducted in a two tier basis – Prelims & Finals. This ensures that all students who are interested in the particular activity get an opportunity to take part in the prelims and the top performers selected in the prelims clash with the best lot in the finals. Through this system we not only ensure that all children get the opportunity to compete in the activities they wish but also make sure that they have a tough standard to compete and win over. This indirectly prepares the child to compete with the ever changing world.

Grades I – X take part in competitions through the inter-house system, whereas for the Kindergarten students the competitions are at the grade level.

Exposure to around 15 – 20 competitions are given at each category and around 700 prizes are distributed for all these competitions during the Awards Day every year in addition to the prizes for Academic Proficiency and 100% Attendance.