Core Components:

Well Experienced Teaching Faculty: Subbiah Central School comprises a mixed bag of young & dynamic as well as aged & knowledgeable teaching faculty all of whom are well experienced in their respective specializations. The dedicated teaching force of SCS strives to prepare the students not for exams but for life, in accordance with global standards and social expectations. In order to ensure this, the teachers undergo regular trainings to update themselves with both the technical and social requirements in the academic stream. Some of the teacher trainings include Skill-oriented teaching methodologies, Continuous Curriculum Evaluation methodologies, Communication Skills, Psychological Pedagogy, Phonetics, Emotional Quotient Building etc

Association with latest technology & service providers: The School always keeps its standard high with Smart class Rooms and application oriented learning. In view of this the class rooms are digitally connected with Thinkmate and ExtramarksA Knowledge Center operates inside the school equipped with the entire library of smartclass digital content. The knowledge center is connected to the classrooms through Intranet. Teachers get the relevant digital resources such as animations and videos, interactive virtual lab tools etc. and use them as a part of their lesson in every classroom period. The classrooms are equipped with state of the art infrastructure complete with custom design electronic interactive white boards, projection systems, PCs and UPS. In addition to this SCS holds an association with EzVidya for the KG and Primary classes, where the Chrysallis program aims at achieving experience based learning objectives.

A hand in hand processing of Curriculum & Extra-Curriculars:Subbiah Central School believes that bringing up capable and ethical citizens for the nation is possible only through holistic development of the child. Hence both curriculum and Extra curricular activities are given equal importance at SCS. Art, Music and Physical Education are part of the children’s regular period hours. A completely dedicated period hour is given towards the end of every day for various ECA activities. The child has a wide basket of activities to choose from, which are available at a very nominal fee on a regular basis. Apart from this, the children have a number of activities to be exposed to through the continuous set of internal competitions conducted regularly.

Maximum possible best in class exposure to children : The Subbian quality is maintained regularly by providing the maximum possible best in class exposure to children, in both academics and extra-curriculars. In view of this regular educational visits are arranged for children of all age groups. Regular visits, seminars, guest lectures, workshops etc are also arranged periodically to keep the children in par with the ever-changing world. Workshops & Seminars for students range from a variety of fields like Personality Development, Memory Enhancement, Ecological Conservation, Healthy Food Habits, Robotics, Electronics, Aerodynamics etc. Maximum possible exposure is ensured to children by giving numerous opportunities to take part in Inter-School activities, Talent Examinations, District, State, National & International level activities.

Activity filled Schooling: Every day at school remains different for the child at SCS and hence keeps schooling interesting.  The child gets acquainted with new information everyday through up to date digital excerpts in class, creative work sheets, challenging projects, library hours,active morning assembly hours,regular competitions, club activities, culturals, sports and celebrations. The concepts learnt at class are integrated to each of the activities to ensure that learning is fun.Children get to expose their talents and to gain leadership through a no of celebrations and programs hosted at school like that of Independence Day, Children’s day, Teacher’s Day, Sports Day, Annual Day, Interschool meets etc.

Compassionate  and Student-friendly environment:  Students at SCS enjoy freedom with discipline, where they learn to experience their individual freedom without crossing the limits of discipline. Every child is encouraged to exhibit himself/ herself to the fullest possible. SCS also ensures Psychological support to children in order to cope with Learning difficulties and emotional constraints, through professionally trained Psychiatrists visiting the campus and attending the children regularly. Psychological attention and development of ethical & moral values are part of regular period hours in order to ensure a compassionate environment at school.