Sports are an integral part of Schooling at Subbiah and hence we have continuous Sports activities across the year apart from the regular Physical Education period hours. Regular Sports camps have been running every evening throughout the year where an active set of students take part. Football is a specialized sport at SCS apart from which we have teams for Throwball, Kabadi, Kho Kho, Cricket, Skating, Yoga, Table Tennis, Karate, Chess, Carrom, Tennikoit, Badminton, Gymnastics and Athletics.

We stand high at the level of Sports Infrastructure in Schools and our Playground is popular across the city. Apart from the new football ground , we posses a well structured Tennis Court, Throwball Court, Kho Kho court, Cricket Practice Nets, Skating Space and Kids Play Area. We constantly upgrade our Sports equipments and we possess teams who could handle Musical Band, Hoops, Indian Clubs, Dumbells and Laxium apart from our Sports teams.

We have the regular sports competitions for all students within the school from Pre-Kg onwards, where the kindergarten children take it up at the grade level and the children from Grade I onwards take it up through the Inter-House System. Around 700 prizes are distributed every year for the internal sports competitions during the Sports Day celebrations.

We also organize several interschool sports meets to encourage students of other schools as well. Apart from this, our students are encouraged to take part in interschool, sahodaya, district level, state level, national level and international level sports meets where they hold our name high every year !!