Extra Curricular Activities

While the competitions and Club activities exist as co-curricular activities, we also encourage children to take part in regular Extra Curricular Activities to develop their individual interests and talents.

Hence a defined ECA hour exists in the time table for the children. At the end of the 8th hour, between 3.10pm and 4.00pm, children have the 9th hour scheduled for ECA. Interested Children are allowed to choose one activity from a vast list and that particular activity is provided at a nominal fee by external coaches who are specialized in that particular activity. Children who do not wish to take part in any of the paid activities are engaged in internal activities during the 9th hour. By this way, ECA has been made as an integral part of Schooling for all the children

The vast lists of activities available in SCS during the ECA hour are: Classical Dance, Western dance, Key board, Yoga, Tennis, Karate, Skating, Football, Cricket, Throwball, Table Tennis, Chess, Abacus and Aeromodelling.